Chinatown, Los Angeles.

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Chinatown is one of my very favorite areas of the city. It has the feeling of a real community, due in no small part to the aging Chinese population that still lives there among the new art galleries and restaurants. While Los Angeles as a whole is known for juxtaposing old and new, Chinatown feels different than anywhere else – a place you can go as noticed or unnoticed as you want to.


Unlike the Chinatowns of other major cities, Los Angeles’ Chinatown has always had a bit of Hollywood in its blood. The Central Plaza was designed by Hollywood set designers; Cecil B. DeMille himself donated props. And yet, the area has been largely Chinese-owned since its inception, with Chinese businesses, restaurants, and community centers dominating the landscape. All these factors lend to a sense of authentic inauthenticity that is impossible to escape. (Not that you’d want to!)


Nowhere else in the world grants the opportunity to visit a museum of velvet painting art, eat “slippery shrimp,” and buy two tiny red-eared slider pet turtles for only $5 – all in one day! And at the end of the day, there are few places I’d rather be than drinking Tsingtao in front of the jukebox at Hop Louie.

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Chinatown Central Plaza
950 N. Broadway
Los Angeles, California 90012

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