The 80s are alive in Anaheim

Hidden away in a nondescript industrial park is one of the best-maintained private collections of video games in Southern California.

Arcade 2084, which is either clearly named after the Robotron arcade game or the world’s most super-freaky coincidence, is the result of four personal arcade collections put together in one place in Anaheim, California. It’s private – by invitation only – and it’s amazing.

Pinball at Arcade 2084

I’ve been to Arcade 2084 twice. The first time was for an SC3 gathering (another first for me!), when the parking lot was filled with collectors trading video game paraphernalia, and the upstairs was filled with home consoles. It blew my mind.

Inside Arcade 2084

I returned to Arcade 2084 on Saturday, June 6th, for one of the arcade’s bi-weekly events. Ten bucks at the door got me free drinks, free cupcakes, and most importantly, free play on all of their machines.

Hanging out at Arcade 2084

There’s something about coming here that makes me feel like I’m part of a private club. (I guess that’s because I technically am!) Walking in just feels right. No food or drinks (except in designated areas, away from the cabinets), no drunk dudes crashing into you in the middle of a game of Track and Field. New Wave blasting through the speakers while retro movies and Dragon’s Lair animations are projected onto the walls. And, of course, so many games.

Rows of games at Arcade 208

How many machines are there? I honestly couldn’t tell you. I end up getting too entranced by all the blinking lights and forget to count! All I know for sure is that there are a ton, most in absolutely immaculate condition.

Star Trek at Arcade 2084

It’s incredibly easy to spend a whole evening here. I arrived at around 8:30, took a break around 10:30pm to get food and beer at the nearby Umami Burger, then stayed until after 1am.

If you’re in Southern California, you owe it to yourself to make a trip out to Arcade 2084 at least once…if you can get in. Luckily, you know a guy. (Me!)

Arcade 2084
By invitation only
520 S. Claudina Street, Unit C
Anaheim, California 92805

Arcade 2084