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Fantasia Fairy Tales

Fantasia Fairy Tales is a collection of new fairy tales in the old style. Beverly's original tale, "The Woodcutter's Daughter," appears in the collection:

A journey off the beaten path leads a woodcutter’s daughter and a talkative fox into a somewhat sinister eating contest.

Talking animals! Magical forests! Wood. Cutting. Action! If you love fairy tales, you'll love this collection.

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About Beverly Noelle

Beverly Noelle Reynolds is an author and screenwriter who writes romance, fantasy, and comedy, usually all mixed together. Her most recent published work is Fantasia Fairy Tales, out now.

Along with Elise Laplante, Beverly is one-half of the comedy writing duo The Mulaney Sisters. They write and perform weird, funny, feminist stuff, including "Sexy Kurt Russell," an ode to Santa's off-putting sexiness in the Netflix Original, The Christmas Chronicles.




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