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Happy ADHD Awareness Month, here are some signs you might have ADHD

It’s ADHD Awareness Month! I’ve had the whole month to write something, but I waited until there were only three days left in the month to actually do it. CLASSIC!

Here are some, uh, "hypothetical" scenarios that may sound familiar if you have ADHD:

  • It’s either Inbox Zero or 234098 unread messages, NO IN-BETWEEN

  • Karen, I am so sorry to hear your mother is in the hospital. I would really like to hear the details of her journey to the I.C.U. but…is that…I’m sorry, Sweet Child O’ Mine is on in the background and Slash is about to rip into a killer guitar solo so I’m going to accidentally tune out everything you say for the next 27 seconds

  • I should go to the gym, but first I'm gonna cycle between browser tabs for a bit (2 hours)

  • [Receiving a compliment on my outfit] What, this old thing? It's just vintage Emilio Pucci circa 1970, I found it at a thrift store and recognized it immediately because of the print, which I saw in a photo of Sophia Loren from her out-of-print cookbook ab--[the other person is now wishing they were dead]

  • You might think I’m cool and mysterious, but just wait until I start talking about video games, THEN YOU'LL BE SORRY, YOU'LL ALL BE SORRY

  • Compulsively clicking between Gmail inbox tabs: A 47-part miniseries event

  • Closing Twitter, pausing for 3 seconds, then re-opening Twitter: The Saga Continues

  • It happened to me: I was watering my plants and next thing I knew I had opened 13 browser tabs about the indigenous parrots of New Zealand

  • Medication is great and helps me function! ...or is my brain just permanently good now because I've learned coping skills? Hmm, guess I'll stop taking the medication (repeat every 2-3 months until the sweet release of death)

  • Ripped from the headlines: I am writing this list instead of working on my book

  • An actual brain scan image:


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