About Me

Big ol’ nerd trapped in the body of Joan Holloway Harris.

My current obsessions include Game of Thrones (show and books), photography, drawing people’s gamertags, Fallout 4, food (fast), and animals (cute).

You can find my writing here (duh) and on Medium.

How do I know you?!

I manage the marketing efforts of Passport Game Studios, a boutique board game firm based in the Pacific Northwest. I am also the owner-at-large of Harold & Sons, a marketing consultancy with clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to startups just, well, starting up.

Back in the day, I wrote the kind of self-important video game blog only a 21-year-old could write over at Destructoid, and wrote game reviews at Touch Arcade.

I also worked on the community team for STAR WARS: The Old Republic before being hired as Geek & Sundry’s director of marketing, working on shows such as The Guild and TableTop.

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